“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a

lack of imagination.”

–Oscar Wilde

This quote is perhaps most relevant to American college students. No group of people wants adventure more than us, but some of us are, regrettably, limited by our circumstance (or so we think).

What is that unfortunate circumstance? Let me submit a paraphrased definition to explain.

broke: (adj) having completely run out of money; fiscally destitute; understanding Ramen Noodles and the Taco Bell value menu to be a viable source of nutrition

Some of us are in college and broke. I’m one of those college students, and I don’t wish my situation was different. It’s crime against college kids that not all of them will get to experience being broke. I hate it, but some of my friends will never experience the wonder of sleeping on the Megabus in order to visit Chicago for less than twenty dollars or will never have probes attached to their heads so psychology students can monitor their brainwaves (I made $17/hour for that study, by the way).

The point is, the day a person no longer has easy access to money is the day they access the full power of their imagination.

This is the story of my journey being a broke college kid.

My name is David Powell, and I’m a sophomore Entrepreneurship major and Writing minor at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.  My passions include startups, swing dancing, Moleskines and Vball pens, light roast coffees, avocado, and I’m currently pursuing a Waffle House sponsorship (if you know anyone higher up, drop my name, please). I’ve been running the course of janitor, barista, intern, and now I’ve run into being a web designer/digital branding consultant. If you’d like to hire me to create content, strategize your social media marketing, or build your website, check out this page.

That plug was shameless. So is this blog.

If you decide to keep reading, I think you’ll find my posts often poetic or profound (or at least useful)–you just have to dig through the angst and occasional profanity to get that poetry and profundity.

I hope you stay and enjoy reading about my shallow ideas and half-assed adventures.


David Powell

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